Salaris Gobal Mobility: quality, safety and skills

Salaris Global Mobility is a moving, transport, and logistics company that can meet the various needs in transferring and warehousing goods and materials.

Over the years, it has undergone a significant process to differentiate its services, with the objective of being able to offer them to families, companies, public bodies, and private individuals.

Today, Salaris Global Mobility is making all the efficiency and skills of its divisions – Moving, Logistics, and Art Transport – available to you.

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A world of space for your furniture

With 1,000 square meters of safe and supervised warehouses in Italy and in the UK, we can store your furniture and belongings for both long-term and short periods of time. We offer tailor-made services and customized payment solutions, according to your needs.


At home everywhere on earth
We deal with every detail for national, international, and intercontinental transfers, for private individuals, companies, public bodies, and major organizations.


In the right place at the right time
An integrated logistics platform to respond to the needs of the traditional market and of e-commerce. From warehouse management to delivery, goods will always arrive on time, anywhere on Earth.