Transport of artworks

To respond carefully, effectively, and safely to all the needs f= or transporting and relocating artworks, Salaris Global Mobility has a specific division specialized in the national and international transport of artworks: Salaris Art Movers.

Our service for transporting valuables begins with an inspection by a specialized technician capable of carrying out 3D surveys of each item to be moved,in order to offer the best solution for packing the work, whatever its material and size.

Then, our in-house laboratory creates special, tailor-made packaging that is most suited to guaranteeing the safety of the artwork or valuable.

Qualified, trusted personnel will handle all the preparation and loading operations. Transport takes place using vehicles with tail lift and air suspension, while the receptacles are equipped with temperature recorder to guarantee constant temperature during the trip.
Each truck is equipped with a satellite and management system to monitor and track the goods around the clock on all local, national, and international routes.

Moreover, our warehouse facilities in Rome, Livorno, Milan, and London for works in transit, including long-term storage, are equipped with sophisticated fire-fighting and anti-intrusion systems to guarantee the utmost safety of the works.
We have accessory and specific insurance coverage for artworks and luxury goods.

Moving of stage sets

Art expresses an infinity of disciplines, among which we must not forget opera and the theatre. On the occasion of a tour or the staging of a drama, Salaris can provide a specialized service for moving sets and backdrops, costumes and props. We guarantee punctuality and precision for transport from and to the most important theatres on national territory, and internationally as well.

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