Quality, safety and skills

Salaris Global Mobility is the answer to all your needs relating to transporting and transferring goods, items, and materials.

Born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Michela Nannerini, and relying on a team with years of experience in handling goods and materials on a national, European, and intercontinental level, Salaris Global Mobility can provide highly qualified services for: movinglogistics, and the transport of artworks, from and to any destination on Earth.

The needs of the private citizen, like those of industry or of a public body, are always our priority, because Salaris Global Mobility’s objective is the complete satisfaction of those who rely on our company to meet their needs: immediate ones, like moving and transporting a precious item, or structural, like organizing logistics for warehousing, transporting, and delivering the goods.

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A whole team at your disposal

Salaris Global Mobility’s heart and engine is a team of passionate professionals.

Thanks to a complete range of cross-disciplinary skills, we can guarantee the utmost efficiency at all times.

The quality of our services is also the result of the professionalism of those working at Salaris. From the offices to the packing department, from assembly and disassembly workers to porters and drivers, everyone’s commitment is aimed at making a delicate moment like moving as untroubled as possible, and at making a company’s procedures efficient.

An ability to listen and an aptitude for seeking solutions are the features characterizing Salaris’s employees in every sector.

In-depth knowledge of laws and of local, national, and international regulations guarantees total peace of mind when it comes to compliance with procedures and proper documentation. Our operating group’s experience allows us to provide handling and delivery services carried out reliably, precisely, and in complete safety at all times.




Technology and vehicles at the service of punctuality and precision

Management technologies and an always efficient and up-to-date owned vehicle fleet allows us to handle and bring to a conclusion relocations and deliveries of any size, and in any situation. 

We use trucks of the most prestigious makes on the market, to guarantee transport conditions that are always optimal, reliable, and on time. Vans are selected among models guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and performance, as are the suspensions and tail lifts.

Salaris Global Mobility currently boasts a vehicle fleet that ranges from the articulated lorry with a loading capacity of 120 m3 to the smallest vans that can move nimbly even in historic centres, in limited-traffic zones, or areas that are harder to access.

All the vehicles Salaris uses are in compliance with environmental regulations as concerns reducing harmful emissions, and with ADR rules for the transport of hazardous goods. They are all regularly overhauled and constantly maintained, in addition to being equipped with satellite burglar alarm systems, and with a fleet management system. This is why, at any time, we can provide load tracking (Visirun system) and guarantee the efficiency of the transport, thanks to the monitoring of outgoing and returning traffic, and triangulation.

Our logistics platform

Everything in the right place, at the right time

To guarantee efficiency and effectiveness, we have developed an integrated logistics system bringing together an extensive distribution of Hub Centres on national territory (Milan, Rome, Pescara), which in turn interface with those of our selected European partners.

Everything is coordinated by the head office, where there is a 1,000 m2 warehouse, suitable for receiving all types of goods from the container to the small package, to be kept with care and monitored by personnel, and protected round the clock by an alarm and video surveillance system. 

Greener and greener

Helping safeguard the planet and reducing environmental impact is our priority, and our daily challenge.

Our future is green.

  • We use ecological and completely recyclable packing material
  • We use vehicles fuelled by natural gas 
  • We use digital technologies to avoid unnecessary paper consumption
  • We use smart working
  • We handle the disposal and recycling of pieces of furniture