With its logistics division, Salaris Global Mobility responds to all needs for integrated logisticsstocking on the platform, and extensive distribution on the territory.

We deal with all phases, from accepting the goods from the production sites, to sorting and delivery.


Organization and order are the essential points in warehouse management. In ours, each employee, starting from the manager, knows his or her own job, because in this field, there is no room for improvisation.

In detail, we deal with:

  • receiving incoming goods, while checking that they correspond with the accompanying documentation and conditions, in order to highlight any damage;
  • warehousing the goods which, from the reception area, are taken to the warehousing area, while positioning them in accordance with pre-established criteria;
  • drawing up and checking inventory;
  • supervising, checking, and developing the PICKING&TRANSIT POINT.

Our storage facilities are protected by modern alarm systems. The presence of a fire-fighting system, an alarm system connected to law enforcement, a warehouse worker during the day, and a night watchman, guarantees your goods’ safety around the clock.

Our storage facilities are suitable for receiving any type of goods, from the small pallet to the High Cube Container.

According to needs, goods may be warehoused both in perfectly sealed steel containers, and in wooden cargo beds, as well as on shelves.

Salaris Global Mobility’s organizational structure makes it possible to ensure an efficient picking service directly at our warehouses. Here it will be the SALARIS operations manager who establishes the minimum inventory limits, with the purpose of guaranteeing proper and regular procurement.

The system calls for generating sub-inventory levels, in order to restore the quantity of goods needed to guarantee deliveries with maximum effectiveness.

Within its logistics division, Salaris Global Mobility offers an innovative TRANSIT POINT service.

In the Salaris structure, the various components will be collected from different distributors and producers; they will be assembled by our personnel before proceeding with the delivery of the finished product. This offers great savings and advantages in streamlining the resources destined for the creation and distribution of a product – furniture products, for example.

SALARIS LOGISTICS relies on a European network with different international logistics platforms and on a series of partners belonging to the leading European industry associations (including FEDEMAC). Our customer care and planning service will organize and supervise the loading and unloading activities at the European platforms and handle deliveries direct to the customer, choosing the most suitable vehicle while guaranteeing delivery of the product to the required floor and/or re-assembly of the furniture if necessary.

Our Customer Care service remains available even after delivery of the goods and materials, to guarantee adequate assistance with regard to any problems relating to the goods or the service.

Logistics for the traditional market and for e-commerce

Salaris is your specialized partner for the transport and distribution of goods and materials throughout Italy. Our qualified personnel performs the withdrawal from the production facilities and/or the various logistics warehouses. The products are distributed using a numerous, varied fleet of vehicles kept in perfect working order, which moves throughout national territory, including the islands, on the basis of a structured, controlled, and ongoing planning of the service. To guarantee the successful outcome of the delivery, our customer care service makes appointments in advance, with specific attention to the customers’ needs. Particular attention is given when handling items by hand, and in choosing the means of transport most suited to the load and destination. The extensive spread of our distribution hubs, which are located in Milan, Rome, Pescara, Livorno Bari, and Catania, allows us to guarantee effective management of deliveries. Salaris Global Mobility also boasts specific specialization in distribution, delivery – also to the required floor – and assembly of furnishings and furniture.

Logistics for the European and intercontinental market

Salaris Global Mobility is able to handle the delivery of goods and materials in every part of Europe and every nation on Earth. To guarantee the utmost promptness and efficiency, we rely on the collaboration of an important network of a series of partners belonging to the leading European industry associations, using different international logistics platforms. Our customer care service plans, organizes, and supervises the loading and unloading activities at the various platforms, and handles direct delivery to the customer, choosing the most suitable vehicle also in accordance with the local laws and regulations in the various countries, and taking care to have all documentation in order and to comply with customs procedures. A greater advantage and opportunity is the presence at our head office of a customs warehouse to store goods arriving from a foreign country, or to carry out importing operations in the most advantageous manner and amount of time.

We also guarantee precision and punctuality in requesting authorizations and permits : health, veterinary, phytopathological, ICE, CITES.

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